What is Decicoin.com?

Decicoin.com is a P2P Bitcoin exchange. Marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins to another users.

Opening an account

Becoming an account holder is very easy and free-of-charge.
All you have to do is Open an Account by filling in a simple online form with your personal details. The form will ask you to supply a password which you need to access your account.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin buying: login in or create an account in Decicoin. Click the button BUY above, enter amount to buy. If you will buy at limit price, all Bitcoin amount will be bought at your limit or smaller price. You will receive Bitcoin in your Decicoin Bitcoin wallet where you will be able to keep Bitcoin or send it to any Bitcoin address.

Bitcoin selling: login in or create an account in Decicoin. Click the button SELL above, enter amount to sell. If you will sell at limit price, all Bitcoin amount will be sold at your limit or bigger price. You will receive money in Decicoin wallet where you will be able to keep money for purchase or send money to your bank account.

Decicoin Fees

Signup free.
Trade bitcoin free.
Bitcoin transaction: income min. 0.00005 BTC; outcome min. 0.0005 BTC;
SEPA deposit 0.5%; SEPA withdraw 0.5%;

Conversion rate

If working in a global industry, you are likely receiving and withdrawing funds in multiple currencies. In these cases, you`ll need to convert from the paid currency to your local currency using latest conversion rate: a pre-set rate to calculate the relative amount.
Decicoin bases conversion rates on the official mid-market rate at the time of transfer. A mid-market rate is the middle point between the currency` official "buy" and "sell" rate, and is considered to be one of the best rates available. There are many popular online tools you can use to estimate a mid-market rate, such as www.xe.com.
In addition to the mid-market rate, Decicoin applies a currency conversion charge of 2%.

How to deposit?

SEPA payment only eur;
Payoneer, Payeer payment eur, gbp, usd;
Account - Deposit - Funding - Pick Currency (EUR or BTC) - SAVE.
Important: you need to write your name, surname, amount, account number from where you send payment and Save
Then you get instantly an email with instruction how to pay

How to withdraw?

You need go to Account - Deposit - Withdraw - Pick Currency (EUR or BTC) - SAVE.
Accept metod: All metod;

How to use Bitcoin?

Make payments: There is a growing number of virtual and real businesses that accept Bitcoin as a paying method for goods or services. Usually they are marked with special Bitcoin trademarks.

Transfer: You can also transfer Bitcoin to your friends and relatives faster an cheaper.

Account balance

The Balance function allows you to see how much bitcoin/euro you have available in your account.

Account history

The History function keeps a running log of all transactions related to your account and allows you to view these in any number of ways.

Wallet Address, Private Key Information

When you create a wallet through our Services, an encrypted wallet public key and private key pair is automatically generated and stored via our Services. If you would like to get a Private Key, please, write to support a private message with BTC address.

Transaction Fees

Fee per byte 8 sat/B (edit 2018-07); (If need other please write to support)